AGSD Pathways Program - Finding Pathways to Success!


Pathways is an alternative program within Alaska Gateway School District designed for high school students who are significantly behind in credits or, due to significant risk factors, are in danger of dropping out. The Pathways program serves all sites in Alaska Gateway School District providing a complete academic curriculum. Academics may be combined with career and technical experience training where appropriate for skills training and needed credits. Students meet with their Pathways Teacher for tutoring and to monitor progress in their course work. The focus of the Pathways program is meeting our students where they are, and helping them find the path to graduation and future success. The Pathways program helps students succeed through quality staff, parent involvement, and community partnerships. 

Pathways offers an encouraging and positive atmosphere where students can feel accepted and supported, and be themselves. Some of the ways the program may support students are through arranging transportation, child care, work study opportunities, and building job readiness skills. Our students work within the guidelines set by the program to achieve success at a pace with which they are comfortable.  

Contact a Counselor if you feel like the Pathways Program could be right for your student!

Program Happenings

Pathways is located at the Keith William Irons Youth Center, previously the Boys and Girls Club off of East 1st Avenue.

Students may continue to ride their bus as per normal and will receive transportation to the new site.

Pathways has a FACEBOOK page-check it out!

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