Migrant Families

How can the Migrant Program help your child?

Migrant families-if your child needs assistance with sports fees, winter gear, clothing, equipment, or any other personal items please complete the surveys below. Karla Champagne, migrant coordinator, will get in touch with you once you have completed the survey.

Help with Sports Activity Fees?

Sports Activity Fee Payment Request



Other clothing or personal items?

Equipment, Safety Gear, etc.

Migrant Ed. Winter Clothing Drive


Here is what the AGSD migrant education program can provide:

  • Extra Tutoring, one on one and in small group to provide additional targeted intervention for Migrant students

  • Learning A-Z, Reading Assistant

  • Math instruction using Math in a Cultural Context

  • Extra academic opportunities

  • Summer and After-school Opportunities

  • Family Literacy Nights for Migrant families are conducted afterschool two times per year at all sites.

  • Summer Fun-pacs that target literacy and math skills are created for Migrant families to take with them when they are traveling away from home.  

  • Back to School backpacks of school supplies

  • Quarterly book distributions

Migrant Education Overview

Title I federal funds are given to schools that have a high poverty rate among the families in attendance. These funds are used to ensure that all children have an equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at the minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

The Migrant Education Program is a Title I Supplemental program designed to meet the unique needs of students whose seasonal relocations may disrupt their educational opportunities. A migrant eligible child is one who has traveled with his/her family within in the past three years to conduct subsistence activities.

Migrant Eligibility

If you answer "yes" to all of the following questions, your children may qualify for benefits under the Migrant Program:

Did the child move within the past 36 months?

Was the move over 20 miles from home, or across school district lines?

Did the child spend at least seven nights away from home on their moves over the course of a year?

Was the purpose of the move for the child or guardian to obtain work that was both seasonal/temporary AND fishing or berry-picking related?

Was the work an important part of providing a living for the worker and his/her family?

If you feel that your child qualifies for the Migrant Program based on your answers to these questions, or would like more information about the program and the benefits that are offered, please contact Deb Sparks, AGSD Migrant Records Manager, at (907)-883-5151 or dsparks@agsd.us