The 2017/2018 school year was the beginning of the Blended Learning initiative in Alaska Gateway School District. To varying degrees, sites focused on implementation of Blended Learning models in classrooms. Teachers received professional development opportunities throughout the school year to support these implementation efforts. Some of these included:

October 2017 Inservice dedicated to learning more about implementation of Blended Learning models

School year 2017/2018 PLC meetings dedicated to PD support and implementation of blended learning

Fall 2017 ASDN webinar series to study Blended Learning in Action with presenter/author Tiffany Wycoff

Winter 2017 sent two AGSD teachers to Ready to Blend training with Heather Staker to become district facilitators for Blended Learning

February 2018 RTI Conference, opportunity to participate in Blended and Personalized Learning workshops with Heather Staker and Michael Horn, authors of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools

February 2018 Inservice dedicated to live training with presenter/author Tiffany Wycoff, author of Blended Learning in Action

February 2019 Inservice All staff sessions on "What's New in Blended Learning"

Fall 2019 Inservice - Blended Learning support with LINCSpring

September 2019 - Alice Keeler training with using Google Apps for Blended Learning