RFP  document for 2021 - 2024 internet from FCC form 470  RFP

This page is set up for questions with answers that are emailed toTechnology Director Brenda Overcast   bovercast@agsd.us, about AGSD RFP on FCC form 470.

Question: 11/30/2020

Does the AGSD own the existing VSAT at Eagle Community School? If yes, can this be reused to the extent possible by the new service provider? Also, can you provide the make and model numbers of the antenna, BUC and LNB?

Answer: 11/30/2020

The VSAT at Eagle Community School is owned by GCI.  If AGSD does not choose GCI as the next provider would consider a sale of the non-electronics infrastructure. This would not include the BUC or LNB.  We don’t have make and model information on the reflector.

Question: 11/24/2020

In order to save customer cost and floor space, at each of the 8 facilities, is there available equipment rack space of at least 3 RU (Rack Units) for new equipment?

Answer: 11/24/2020

In most of the school there is plenty of space.  In a couple of the schools I'm needing to order some racks and that is my plan room for the equipment.  In all the schools there is plenty of space to add more racks.


What are the physical addresses of Each school?


Dot Lake:  1360 Alaska Highway, Dot Lake, AK 99737

Eagle Community School : 100 School Road, Eagle, AK  99738

Mentasta Lake Katie John School: One School Road, Mentasta Lake, AK 99780

Tanacross School: One School Road, Tanacross, AK  99776

Tetlin School:  One River Road, Tetlin, AK  99779

Tok School:  Jon Summar Drive, Tok Alaska 99780

Walter Northway School : 7 Miles Village Road, Northway, AK  99764

Clarifications of RFP:


Confirmation of the correct Due Date for submittals.?


Due date of December 19, 2020         NOT 2017  This was changed on new RFP of the replacement of 470


Determination on if the District will accept emailed submissions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


In-person or mailed are the acceptable submission methods.  But because of Covid-19 and slow mail I will except by email to guarantee to get in on due date as a back up.  A will accept a physical copy to be mailed  or in-person to address.


Clarification on the posted Forms.


Form 470 (Application number 210004272) posted on 11/13/20  Is the new replacement for the the initial Form 470 (application number 210003446) posted 11/9/20.  Note the change of the mbs went from 200mbs to 1.5mbs.


Is there a revised (or new, additional) RFP for the second Form 470 (application number 210004272) posted 11/13/20?


No it's the same  there is one on this page at the top I have updated.