As we move along in our planning and implementation of the Variable Schedule for the school year 2017/2018, we have had many questions ourselves, as well as from parents and students. We have answers to many and are still working on many more! We encourage you to ask any others you may think of too! We are confident that this schedule will be great for our kids - and are working hard to make sure we have everything in place to make the Variable Schedule a success! Read the FAQ's below, and if you still have questions, CLICK THIS LINK to submit them on the electronic form.

Q: During the Elective schedule, won't kids forget what they learned during the Core schedule? A: Usually that is not the case as the break is only for two weeks (same amount of time as Christmas break), however, we are including the "continuous" period to provide continuing tutoring, support and time for make-up work for students who need the extra support. The continuous period is a shorter class that runs through both Core and Elective schedules. 

Q: How does grading work? A: Grading works the same as it does now. PowerSchool will look the same too - students will have 6 to 7 classes listed. During the Elective cycle, nothing will be happening with the Core class grades, unless a student is re-doing work, or doing make up work for those classes during the continuous period. Core class grades start being active again when the Core cycle resumes. Just because a cycle ends does not mean the class ends! Classes start at the beginning of the semester and end at the end of the semester, just as they do now! Kids just get a two week "break" from their Cores at monthly intervals. If needed, they can continue to work on their cores during that time. 

Q: How does this affect eligibility for sports? A: Eligibility will work the same as it does now - it's taken each Monday. However, when a Core cycle ends, a student still has opportunities to catch up or get help in a Core class to bring up a low grade. 

Q: What happens during the "continuous" period? A: If students have a low grade or are failing, if they are behind or struggling, in ANY class, Core or Elective, the continuous period is a time teachers schedule students in to see them for tutoring and support. This period will allow students to keep up with classes they are struggling in, even when the class isn't meeting because they are in a different cycle. So for example, if a student is failing English during Core, they can meet with their English teacher as often as necessary during Elective cycle to catch up in their English class. 

Q: What about absences (sports absences too)? Since classes are longer, won't a student miss more if they miss one class? A: Yes, they will. Absences are never an easy thing, even in our current schedule. In the new Variable Schedule, it will be important that teachers provide students and parents with clear and consistent expectations about make-up work, and also post assignments and resources online whenever possible. We are exploring one idea of altering the absence policy to specify a certain amount of absences allowed for Core classes and a certain amount during Elective classes. We will continue to keep everyone apprised of our progress on this. 

Q: Will all schools in the district be on the Variable Schedule? A: We would love it if that could happen! And it's fair to say that is a long term goal. However, for the first year Tok for sure will do it, and possibly one or two other outlying sites. The benefit of outlying sites participating is that high school students at smaller schools can have the option of coming in to Tok for two weeks at a time during the Elective schedule to participate in the electives offered there. They could be transported in daily. This is possible, it's just a matter of working out some logistics. We will keep everyone apprised of our progress on this. 

Q: Is this just for high school? Or will middle school be a part of it? A: At Tok, middle and high school will be a part of the Variable Schedule there. If outlying schools participate in this first year, only high school students would be allowed to come in to Tok to participate in Elective schedule, however, outlying sites can run their own variable schedule on site with middle schoolers if they choose. 

Q: Will middle schoolers be in the same classes with high schoolers? A: No more than they are now - there have been certain classes where they have been mixed in the past, such as band. However, we do our best to keep their classes separate whenever possible. 

Q: How will it be decided what Elective courses are offered? A: In two ways - one is polling our students. We have already done that this year, and grouped their answers into categories - they had great ideas for electives! The other is to tap into the knowledge, expertise and talents that our staff has outside of the content courses they teach. This is an exciting way to approach an elective schedule for both students and teachers! Teachers have a chance to teach something they are passionate about, and students have a chance to choose an elective they really want, rather than having to go into one they don't because there is nothing else available. 

Q: What are the courses being offered next year? A: Everyone is currently working diligently on the schedule for next year, and will have it ready for students to register for courses by the end of this school year. 

Q: When will teachers plan? A: Rather than remove a teacher from the schedule for a period each day, teachers will have a common prep time before and after school. The new schedule shortens the school day for the students a bit (we are still well within the mandated contact time), so teachers can have more time before and after school to plan. We are also exploring the idea of giving our teachers some extra contract time this summer if they are planning brand new elective courses. 

Q: How does credit recovery or online course work fit into this schedule? A: Students can still have those courses in their schedule just as they do now. 

Q: Since Core classes are "off" for two weeks at a time while Elective schedule is happening, do teachers need to re-teach at the beginning of each Core cycle? A: Teachers will need to plan lessons so that units or concepts of study wrap up at the end of each four week cycle, and nothing is left hanging. IF a student really struggles with this break in time, they can receive continuous support in their class through the "Continuous" period that goes through the Elective schedule. 

Q: What will students do for 2 1/2 hours of an elective class? A: This is a great question, because with that kind of time, what CAN'T they do!! This is a fantastic opportunity to dive deeply into projects, real life applications, field trips, and interact with our many community resources. 

Q: What about special education students receiving services? How will they fit into the Variable Schedule? A: We currently have all kinds of solutions to help these students receive their services during a traditional schedule, and will continue to find solutions to make it happen during the Variable Schedule as well.

Q: Can REACH Academy students still participate in selected classes from Tok School? A: Yes - and the more intensive schedule for Electives and Cores, broken up into two-week and four-week cycles may actually work much better for home school families! 

Q: How will music work in this schedule? A: We are still exploring options for how to best offer music in a Variable Schedule. There are some ideas on the table, and we will figure it out!